Frühstückstreff international edition

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Frühstückstreff Melbourne

Frühstückstreff Melbourne

Frühstückstreff Melbourne meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at selected restaurants. We have reserved tables in the name of »Frühstückstreff«, and there will be a sign on the table to direct you.

Please join the guest list to allow us to estimate the number of participants. Bring your friends, if you like.

Read more about us or contact the organizers by mail, either in English or German, if you have any questions about Frühstückstreff Melbourne. Frühstückstreff is offered free of charge, you pay only what you eat and drink.

We look forward to seeing you

Redaktion Frühstückstreff

Klaus Schultheis (0 61 51) 59 42 12

Please join the guest list, if you would like to be invited to Frühstückstreff breakfast meetings and other events. We will keep you informed of upcoming events in your area. Tell your friends about Frühstückstreff if you like the idea.